Historical Pioneer Research Group, Inc. Our Vision:

The Historical Pioneer Research Group, Inc. strives to serve descendants of pioneers first, and also wishes to document and establish the history of the Church along the Mormon Trail through the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and into Utah including camp sites, settlements and burial places along its path.

Journals, letters, diaries, land records, pioneer newspapers, and early building patterns are cross checked with land and property record offices.  These being double checked with ground penetrating radar searches.

All findings are made available to the public here in the Early Latter-day Saints database. Many of the resources are held at the Nauvoo Land and Record Office, at Parley and Partridge Streets, Nauvoo Illinois and The Pioneer Research Library at the Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters, 3215 State Street, Omaha Nebraska.

The newly published "Crossroads to the West" and "Mormon Pioneer Cemeteries" join with "Mormon Places" to share people, places and events of the history of the early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Officers and Members of the HPRG Board


Elder Carl Scott
Elder and Sister Carol Scott are members of the Omaha, Nebraska Stake they presentably serve as service missionaries in the Omaha, Nebraska Stake.

Gail G. Holmes
Gail G. Holmes a member of the Omaha, Nebraska stake serves as stake patriarch. President Holmes has served over 35 years as the Church historian for the Winter Quarters area.

Secretary Treasurer
Maury Schooff
President Maury Schooff. Presently is serving with Sister Joan Schooff as president and matron of the Winter Quarters Temple.

Members of the Board

Terry Latey lives in Bellevue, NE.
Sister Terry Latey is currently in her 12th year of service in the Pioneer Research Library at the Winter Quarters Trail Center in Omaha. She is one of the founding members of the Historical Pioneer Research Group,  She is the Web designer and an administrator to the Early LDS Database, the project of the Nauvoo Land and Records Office and Winter Quarters historians. Terry works with the HPRG interviewing historians, local landowners and others who may have clues about possible locations for those final resting places of those who died in the hills and hollows along the river. The group then surveys these sites with ground-penetrating radar to verify pioneer cemeteries, recently identifying the Carterville Cemetery in Council Bluffs.

Dr. Shauna Anderson Young lives in Provo, UT.
Professor Anderson Young is a assistant Dean Life Sciences Student Services at BYU, Provo. She is a project director for the Winter Quarters Project see http://winterquarters.byu.edu.

Jeanne Gubler lives in Provo, UT.
Sister Gubler is the Administrative Assistant-Manager, Life Sciences Student Services at BYU, Provo.
Jeanne assists with the Winter Quarters Project focusing mainly on website development.

William G. Hartley lives in Sandy, UT.
Professor in the Department of History at BYU. Brother Hartley is an American historian and author. He has written many books primarily on family history research, histories of specific families and 19th-century Latter-day Saint history.

Elder Larry Nicholl lives in Nauvoo, IL
Elder Nicholl serves as the Director of Nauvoo Land and Records Office. Elder Nicholl is the senior administrator to the Early Latter-day Saint database.

Dr. Brandon Plewe of Provo, UT.
Brother Plewe is a professor in the Department of Geography at BYU.  He is responsible for the interactive map on this site. His research has helped to identify where specific early Mormon settlements were located.

Bob Sharp lives in the Council Bluffs, IA
Brother Sharo has a passion to identify the burial places of those Latter-day Saints who died as they journeyed west.  They have been instrumental in helping many descendants of pioneers visit their family sacred burial grounds.

Donald Snow of California
Don  is a retired professor of Mathematics, BYU. He currently serves as teh 1st VP of the Utah Valley PAF Users Group.  Brother Snow was an original founder of the Nauvoo Land and Records Database.

Lew Weigand lives in NE
Lew is a member of the Community of Christ Church whose members share in the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Lew has a deep love and interest in the history of early members of the Church in this area.  He has been helpful in obtaining records that were held by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Advisory Board

President Dave Edwards, Council Bluffs, Iowa Stake
Dick Kruse, owner of the site of Summer Quarters
Navuoo Land and Records Office

Nauvoo Land and Records Office Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters

Pioneer Research Library
at the  Mormon Trail Center
at Historic Winter Quarters Brigham Young University Entrance

Winter Quarters Project
Mormon Atlas Project
Research at the Nauvoo Land and Records Office focuses on the Nauvoo period. Records include Susan Easton Black's, "Early Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and property records of the Nauvoo area.  The Land and Records office has endeavored to gather information on the early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through to the immigration west beginning in 1846. The Winter Quarters region covered an area known as the Middle Missouri Valley. Winter Quarters stood where Omaha, Nebraska is located today.  Across the Missouri River sat Kanesville (today's Council Bluffs, Iowa) and some 90 plus other settlements founded by the LDS. Here in the hills and hollows along the river was established the Church headquarters for 7 years.

Researchers at the Pioneer Research Library seek to gather the history of the LDS the Winter Quarters, Kanesville area including information on their settlements and cemeteries. The Winter Quarters Project research team through the process of identifing pioneers of the early church learning of their lives and deaths seek to understand the causes of death and dying among the early LDS. See http://winterquarters.byu.edu/ 

The Mormon Atlas Project is in the process of identifing the places of Church history.  This in combination with linking pioneers with these towns, settlements, campsites etc. will show the migration patterns of pioneer families.
The Historical Pioneer Research Group, Inc is a not-for-profit organization in the state of Nebraska.
All donations to the HPRG are tax-deductible. Donations can be sent to
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