Family: Martin, Edward / Clayton, Alice (F9216)

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Clayton, Thomas
Male (1783-1849)
Critchley, Ann
Female (1793-1848)
Clayton, William
Male (1814-1879)
Clayton, James
Male (1824-1847)
Clayton, Thomas Jr.
Male (1826-1914)
Clayton, Lucy C.
Female (1820-1879)
Clayton, Eliza
Female (1831- )
Clayton, David
Male (1818-1849)
Clayton, Ellen
Female (1822-1888)
Clayton, Mary Ann
Female (1828-1829)
Clayton, Dinah
Female (1835-1913)
Clayton, Mary Jane
Female (1836-1837)
Clayton, Joseph
Male (1839-1866)
Clayton, Matthew
Male (1840-1841)
Clayton, John
Male (1826-1847)
Martin, Edward
Male (1818-1882)
Clayton, Alice
Female (1816-1859)
Martin, Lucy Ann
Female (1842-1845)
Martin, Eber Edward
Male (1847-1847)
Martin, Edward John
Male (1847-1848)


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