Arza Matson Adams

Male 1804 - 1889  (85 years)


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Arza Adams Journal Number 2


[The following pages are a transcript of five small journals kept by Arza Adams. Some parts of his journals were kept as daily entries, and other parts were apparently summaries of time periods. The separate books appear as sections in this compilation.

The originals of these journals are deposited in the BYU library, and the pages reproduced herein are xeroxed from them. Our family has never had a transcription of these journals, and so far as we know, there has not been one made before. Parts of them were summarized and quoted in a life sketch I wrote of Arza Adams last year for our family. . . . Effie W. Adams, December, 1979]

[page 1] Arza Adams, born January 22, 1804, and baptized into Jesus Christ by Elder Jo [John] Page, December 25, 1836, and Sabina Adams, my wife, baptized on the 26th and both confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by the laying on of hands. And I was called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ by revelation from God, and separated for the ministry by the hands of Elder J. [John] E. Page and A. Stevens on the 3rd of June, 1837, and soon began to preach the word of life unto my acquaintances and friends and continued to preach and settle up my affairs until the spring of 1838 when I started with my family, consisting of wife and four children, to the land of Missouri where the Lord had appointed for the gathering of the [page 2] kingdoms and nations to serve the Lord and wait for the coming of the Son of Man.

And we arrived at DeWitt, Carroll County, September 26, 1838. But soon surrounded by a mob, we was driven into Caldwell County, 63 miles to the main body of the Saints. But the mob raged and Governor Boggs, willing to show the mob favor, gave orders to drive all the Saints out of the state, killed about 22 and we all left the state.

And myself and family left Far West on the 7th of March, 1839, came to Illinois about 200 miles, took a small farm, put in a good crop and left it and my family in the care of my brother, Barnabas Adams. And borrowed 25 dollars from him and started for Canada, my native place, to settle up my affairs and preach the gospel of Christ to my own kin and nation. [page 3] Took the parting hard with my family. About four miles from Quincy, Adams County, on the 11th July, 1839, and went by the way of Saint Louis and Portsmouth, Cleveland, and Buffalo and Louiston [Lewiston, New York] and landed in Brockville, [New York], Tuesday, the 30th July.

Arrived at my father's near Perth [Ontario, Canada] on the 2nd August, [1839], and after settling some of my affairs, rested myself and visited. I started to Kempville [Kemptville, Ontario, Canada] on the 21st [August, 1839], arrived there on 22nd and preached in the evening to a relation's place; started to find Brothers Merkley and Snow, preached at T. Smith's on Sunday, the 25th, in Kempville [Kemptville, Ontario, Canada] on 27th, more peace. Held meeting at Smith's on the 29th in company with M. [Merkley] and S. [Snow] on the 30th. Laid hands on T. Smith for the toothache. And on Monday, 1st September, [1839], preached at Grandy's [and] McFadden's to very large congregation and good order. Then started to find more places to preach and arrived at Father's on the 4th [September, 1839], and continued to arrange [page 4] my business and preach to the scattered branches in this quarter until the 2nd October, [1839].

Started again to See Elders M. [Merkley] and S. [Snow]. Visited some of the brethren and others by the way and preached at Belameys Mill on the 6th, on the 7th [October, 1839], at Ogdensburg [New York]. Found Brother Chapene strong in the faith though...perhaps not just... Tuesday, arrived at William White's on the nation, preached in the evening. Little disturbance for the Wesleyans had shut the schoolhouse against me, but we went to another about a mile and a half and the Lord was with me and I gave out another appointment for the 16th [October, 1839], and arrived at Peters's on the 9th.

At Grandy's and Halley's on the 10th and found them believing and near the kingdom. Went to Smith's on the 11th, found M. [Merkley] and S. [Snow] and all well. Seven had been baptized and two more, Brother Grandy and his wife [page 5] baptized on Saturday, the 12th October, [1839], and three more on the following Sunday and Monday. And I preached at Brother Grandy's on the 13th and preached at William McCangason Tuesday, and while many listen, many more began to rage and they brought one of B... priests to confront me in my teaching, William Anderson, a Presbyterian. And after telling some lies and making a poor fist of it, I closed my meeting. But I preached on the first principles with liberty and the Lord was with me so that I could not be confounded by any man preaching for hire. And some of the people said he had better stop at home if he could do no better. And I think it will be a caution to him.

But on the 9th, I called on Mr. John Adams of Wesleyan Methodist and asked the privilege of preaching in the schoolhouse, and he said I should not and turned [page 6] away and left me without giving me the reason for it. And I told them in the house that inasmuch as he had shut me out, it might be said inasmuch as he had done it unto the least of one of these he had done it unto Christ, and left them to work out their own damnation with greediness.

On the 16th [October, 1839], traveled about 15 miles to Mr. White's; preached in the evening to a large congregation and the Lord was with me. But the Methodist priest and their ... warned them faithfully not to hear me. The Lord reward him according to his works. But on consequence of the hard words in the neighborhood, it was thought best not to preach there again at present. But some are partly believing and William White's family are very kind.

On the 17th came [page 7] to the Widow Mott's and find them partly believing and spoke to them the word of the Lord, and find I can preach in this neighborhood. The way opens well. Traveled to H. [Hiram] Mott's on the 18th and find a place here to preach and a home when I call. Arrive at Father's on the 19th and find them all well and find a letter from my family which gives me much comfort to hear that they are all well and I pray to God the Eternal Father to keep them and me in health, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Amen.

20th [October, 1839]. Met with the little branch and encourage them to go on in the Lord, and on the 27th, preached to them again on the gathering and an excellent time we had in the Lord. And I now stay at Father's a few days to get some clothes made for winter and am at work on his mills.

On the 3rd [November, 1839], spoke to [page 8] little branch again and partook the sacrament. Elders Mott, Bolton, and Nichols were present. We had a good time in the Lord and we were encouraged to hold on. I told them that the man was the head of his family and God would judge him if he did not keep his place and the wife her place, for I thought that some of the brethren were visited by their wives and their children and thus I fed them in the discharge of my duty to them for the present.

And Friday, the 8th [November, 1839], I started down to Bathy [Bath, Ontario, Canada] to fill some appointments and Saturday evening preached at Hiram Mott's to a small congregation and on Sunday traveled about 11 miles to the Widow Mott's and preached to a good congregation but they are very hard. Monday evening met a few at Louises Conner's and spoke many things to them and some of them appeared [page 9] well pleased for Wellington Louis raised some opposition, he being a Methodist. But his wisdom and prudent understanding soon vanished away before the truth of the gospel, and I showed the congregation that the Methodists did not worship the God of Israel, but the gods of nations. And I preached in that neighborhood several times and removed much prejudice from minds of the people and visited several during my stay.

One family by the name of Peter Cameron, his wife sent for me to come and see her and when I arrived she had many accusations against the Church, but I told her they were false. And I preached Christ to her and I soon found that conviction had fastened on her and she attended meeting and said I preached the truth. It was on the first principles [page 10] from lst Galatians, and I pray God to take care of them in my absence. Oh, that they might be convinced unto obedience.

I than visited Mr. Holks again and found him a very stiff Methodist and he wished me not to preach in his schoolhouse again, and I then showed him that he was not of God from the scriptures, for he did not pay attention to the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. And I now feel not to preach much more in this place for they are nearly all Methodist and are too dishonest and will not see the truth and come unto Christ that they may live; for they would rather follow their traditions to hell than to believe and obey Christ.

On the 16th [November, 1839], I returned to H. [Hiram] Motts', preached twice in that neighborhood on Sunday, once at J. Dack's and once at Mott's, and on Monday, the 18th, started to Perth [Ontario, Canada] and to [page 11] Father's where I worked about ten days, at the same time waiting for some winter clothes which I had making in Perth. Met with the little society and encouraged them to be faithful and start to Zion as soon as possible.

On Saturday, the 30th November, [1839], left Perth [Ontario, Canada] in company with Brother A. West for Kithy. Arrived at Hiram Mott's in the evening and found him still believing and a few others. Preached at J. Doak's [Dack's] schoolhouse on Sunday and was opposed by J. Barny, a Methodist, which only served to throw more light on the subject, and he appeared very angry and called me liar and many hard names. But I showed them that I did not lie and that he did not tell the truth.

Monday evening preached at Mr. Washburn's on Genesis 37:10 to a large congregation. Tuesday, went to Smith Falls [Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada]. Preached in the evening to large congregation and a Presbyterian minister, Lon [Jon] Ebenazer Bell, tried [page 12] to disturb the congregation. I gave him a lashing and called the authority to keep order and I understood that Mr. Loucks even shook his hand at him and we had order after that. Although Mr. Loucks tried to prevent me from preaching in the schoolhouse occupied as a meetinghouse by the Church of England and Methodist and in charge of a Mr. Matheson, an old friend of mine that gave me permission. And the Lord preached to them, and not I alone, on the first principles.

May it be found many days hence and not having an offer of the house and a place to stop, for I requested it, I traveled about nine miles to H. [Hiram] Mott's. I met with a few this evening and spoke on many subjects. And on Wednesday evening at J. Dack's several came in to hear me speak on the things of God and appeared to be well satisfied. Preached on [page 13] Sunday at Dack's S house [schoolhouse] to a large congregation on false teachers. Some mad and some pleased, but the Methodists foamed. And in the evening, the 8th, December, 1839, baptized Hiram Mott and a number gathered around and some acted out what they were within. And thus the devil rages at the work of God. Several more are well convinced but keep back for some reason.

9th [December, 1839]. Traveled about ten miles to the W. [Widow] Mott's and preached to a few, and the widow appears to be very friendly and makes me welcome, and I say the Lord bless her and the two girls of Brother Mott's.

10 [December, 1839]. Traveled to Louises Conners where I expected to preach, but the Methodists had a pow-wow and voted that I should not preach, so they have rejected the gospel and I leave them. And it is my conclusion that the sects are getting up to their zenith [page 14] and also the political affairs of the province are in a prosperous and flourishing state and all appear to look for a long life and fine times, while I say that they are preparing for a great downfall and a mighty destruction and that speedily such a one as the Gentiles never saw in Canada.

11 [December, 1839]. Traveled about ten miles to A. Curtis's. They wished me to preach. I do so on Friday evening at the ... S house [schoolhouse]. No liberty, they appear to think more of this world than of the God of Israel. Done some business in Brockville [New York]. Stayed all night with Uncle L. [S.] McEathanon. He would not receive my testimony.

Preached at A. Curtis's on Sunday, the 15th [December, 1839], to a large congregation. Not very soft pride and the love of the world prevails. Traveled about seven miles to Father Baxter's. They are very hard; will not accept my testimony.

16 [December, 1839]. Traveled to my aged friend, Mr. White's house, about 12 miles. They are looking at it [page 15] some, but do not take much pains, rather stuped. I preached twice in this neighborhood and they concluded not for me to preach again and I think it is a chance if ever they have the offer of the gospel again; but I pray to God to reward them all according to their works. And William White's family often refreshed me, the Lord bless them.

17 [December, 1839]. Traveled to Mr. Lyons and mountain to Brother Grandy's. Conversed with many in the neighborhood but they are very hard, priestcraft aplenty, but there are a few that think Mr. Anderson with whom I had a debate told a lie and I think he told two lies. But he wishes to uphold his craft, for by it he gets his gain. I conversed with many hereabouts and waiting for Elder Merkly [Merkley] and Snow at Brother Grandy's and expect a meeting tomorrow, Sunday, 22 [December, 1839]. The principal part of the branch met at Brother Grandy's, together with Elders Snow and Merkly [Merkley]. By the consent of the branch, we ordained a priest, S. [Silas] Willcox.

[page 16] We had an interesting time. The branch now consists of about 16 and the greater part enjoy themselves well and the Saints begin to rejoice to see the latter days. (By common consent, Silas Willcox ordained a priest.) And in the evening after meeting, rode in a sleigh with brethren and sisters, singing and rejoicing as we went about 15 miles, giving out an appointment for Christmas Day, the 25th, at H. Smith's.

Visited many of the brethren waiting for the time and on the 25th [December, 1839], a goodly number met and I preached to them on the priesthood and many saw it clear. Brother Snow addressed the congregation after me and in the evening, held a prayer meeting. Very good time. E. S. [Elder Snow] baptized Joseph Barker and we laid hands on the sick and blessed the children in the name of the Lord, and after we rejoiced in the Lord, the God of Israel; and thus in part, God's prophecy is fulfilled, for the Saints begin to dream dreams and see many wonderful things and their dreams from both the young and the old are very plain and conclusive, showing the [page 17] ... of the wisdom of men and that Jeremiah's prophecy is fulfilled in that the Gentiles shall come from the ends of the earth and shall say our fathers have inherited lies and thus concluding that the Lord's way is best.

26 [December, 1839]. Traveled seven miles, preached in the evening at Henderson's on 18th chapter [of] Revelation, showing many things concerning the kingdom, the Methodists ...

27 [December, 1839]. Traveled five miles, visited some; conversed with Mr. Salsbury and offered the order of the kingdom to him but he was hard and rejected it. Stayed all night at ... in company with E. M. [Elder Merkley], his brother-in-law, and my travels up to this date, December 28, 1839, is about 2477 miles since I left Quincy, Illinois, on my mission on the 14 July, 1839.

28 [December, 1839]. Traveled four miles to ...

29 [December, 1839]. Traveled three miles Sunday, preached at the Conner's to a few on the priesthood. They have had much preaching here and some have brothers and sisters here yet.

30 [December, 1839]. Traveled in to Father Merkley's. They are very kind. The Lord reward them for their kindness. Here Brother Snow parted with us. He went to Vermont.

[page 18] 31 [December, 1839]. Traveled eight miles down the River St. Lawrence to John Casleman's [Cassleman, Casselman]. Preached in the evening on 2 Peter 1:20 and conversed with them after. Found some believing. Brother Snow and Merkley had preached here before. Gave out some appointments and on the 1 January, 1840, crossed the river, traveled five miles to Peddington Mills. Preached in the evening on first principles and stayed at A. Stevens'.

2 [January, 1840]. Traveled five miles to Bannard. Brother M. [Merkley] and myself preached here. B's family appeared kind and believing. The Lord held them.

3 [January, 1840]. Traveled five miles to the mills [Peddington Mills] again. Preached to a large congregation. Very attentive. Preached on the priesthood. Some began to see and think we are right.

4 [January, 1840]. Traveled five miles, crossed the river. It is about two miles wide. Ferried over by J. [John] Cassleman [Casselman]. Traveled three miles and preached in the evening to a large congregation and the power of God was present and very convincing and I hope some good may be done. A fine time and much of the [page 19] love of God in my soul. Preached on first principles. Preached at John Empey's and gave out an appointment for Sunday, the 5th [January, 1840]. Preached at 2 o'clock on the Book of Mormon. Had a good time. Traveled three miles to John Cassleman's [Casselman], very friendly, the Lord reward them.

While we were over the river, some on the Canada side said that we could not come over, for the ice had put out into the river on both sides and the ice running very swift. But as we came to the river, the ice seemed to break off from both shores and floated downstream and we had no difficulty in crossing. Thus, the Lord opens the way.

6 [January, 1840]. Preached at John Cassleman's [Casselman] in the evening on Genesis 31:10 and the time was convincing and a friendly converse after. Many convinced but are holding back.

7 [January, 1840]. Traveled three miles, preached at John Empey's on Hebrews 5:4 on priesthood. The Lord made it convincing to many. Traveled seven miles, stayed at William Empey's. Traveled three miles, preached at J. [John] Cassleman's [Casselman].

Preached on the 8th [January, 1840], on second coming of Christ. A good time, for six came forward and said they would be baptized and the Lord was with us and I baptized them. [page 20] Their names are John Cassleman [Casselman], William Empey, John Morison, Nicholas Empey, Ellen Cassleman [Casselman] and Maria Empey. After which Brother Merkley and myself confirmed them by the laying on of hands. In all it was a good time and we all rejoiced.

9 [January, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Nicholas Empey's.

10th [January, 1840]. Traveled four miles, preached in the evening to a large assembly at Shapops Sh city. Very attentive. Preached on first principles. Traveled eight miles to Brother Cassleman's [Casselman].

11th [January, 1840]. Rested, not being very well.

12 [January, 1840]. Sunday, preached in the evening to about 200 on restoration. Very still. Traveled three miles, preached at J. [John] Empey's and many are believing here.

13 [January, 1840]. Traveled one mile, preached at Mr. John Eamon's on many things.

14th [January, 1840]. Traveled three miles, preached at Brother Casselman's [Cassleman] on first principles, Galatians l:8. The congregation was very large and I preached about three hours, after which a Mr. Ralf, a Church of England minister, addressed them and a poor hand he made of it and when I began to show his folly, he interrupted me and he said I preached the truth, yet I was deluded. [page 21] I told him that if I preached the gospel, he must repent and be baptized for the remission of sins and he would not stay to receive a lashing. And I bid him a good evening and the congregation, being detained a long time and uneasy while some person or persons threw several pieces of iron at me, some of which struck the stove very hard but missed me. Thus I am preserved and all glory belongs to the Lord. And I then dismissed them but while many believed, the devil raged in others and a Mr. Nackerville, a Methodist, preached against the Book of Covenants, calling me by name in public, stating that I was an imposter. And it appears that he or the Methodists wish to get me into a shave or into their meetings in order to abuse me and not to give me no chance to reply to them. But the Lord keeps me clear yet and I have given out that I will meet him on fair principles. But it appears it is foul play they want.

Br. John Cassleman's [Casselman], where I last preached, lives [in] Williamsburg, county of Dundees [Dundas], and Mr. John [page 22] Empey lives in the township of Osnechnook, county of Dundees [Dundas], Eastern District. Thus I rested on 15th [January, 1840], and on 16th, traveled eight miles, preached on the gathering from Matthew 24:37, after which a Mr. Lile, a Presbyterian minister, came forward and wished to ask some questions and said he would behave like a gentleman. He asked me if I opposed infant baptism and I replied that I would with all my heart. He said he would treat it then. He threw down two or three bundles of books and made a few observations and we concluded to adjourn until the 21st, the evening being far spent and the house cold. Traveled four miles to Brother Nicholas Empey's, stayed all night.

17th [January, 1840]. Visited Brother John Morison, then we went to Brother William Empey's and some others gathered in and we had much conversation. Interesting, and traveled in all four miles. Rested the 18th at Brother E [Empey's].

19th [January, 1840]. Preached at J. [John] Empey's at 12 o'clock p.m. and he did not want preaching there anymore, for it appears that a Mr. Linsey, a Church [page 23] of England minister, had sent for him and persuaded him that we are wrong. And thus I see that many will believe the strong delusions or false stories rather than believe the Bible.

Traveled three miles, preached at Brother Casselman's [Cassleman] at 6:00 in evening on priesthood. And I understand that it is the opinion of Mr. Linsey that the Mormons are sent by the Lord as a scourge to the Methodists; he not liking them as they are quarreling about the loaves and fishes on clergy reserves, and some hereabouts would be glad to have the big Mormon's head knocked off, i.e., mine, and several mobs have threatened me behind my back, but all is well yet. And one, Phillip Empy, it is said, threatened to put a ball through any Mormon's heart that enters his door. He is very full of Methodism. The Lord save me from such religion. And some say that I have run away from my family. And almost all evil is said of me and is started by the Methodist preachers and kept in motion by their dupes, and [page 24] thus they are filling up their iniquity and desolation is nigh, yet they will not believe.

20 [January, 1840]. Traveled five miles in company with some brethren to the Cooper schoolhouse to the great contest before agreed on with Mr. Lile. I preached on the priesthood from 2 Corinthians 5:20, after which I proposed a chairman, a Mr. D. Lang, and Mr. Lile chose Mr. Thomas Mackswell. I than proposed a given time to speak and half an hour was agreed on. I then proposed as I had advanced nothing but scripture to support my doctrine, that nothing but the same should be brought to refute it. It was agreed to by the chairmen. Then his bundle of books was cut off and he commenced.

But instead of upholding his mode of baptism, he undertook to refute my arguments on priesthood, for I had preached about two and a half hours. His objections, however, amounted to nothing, for he did not produce one passage of [page 25] scripture against me but assertions like these: no ambassador since the apostles and defied the most learned critic to show any of the New Testament lost. In my reply I used 3 chapter Ephesians and I said it would be as easy to see Christ now as for Paul. He said not addition. I said on this principle no addition after 4th Deuteronomy and showed them that the Lord had promised more. He said the Bible are the keys of the kingdom, yet he said the New Testament was not written then. I said a ... key before it was made. I had before shown what it was.

He then said there was no priesthood since Christ and he was all the priest we wanted to know. I then asked him why they wished to palm a deception on the world by still ordaining to the priesthood if there is none. It could be for nothing but to get a fat living and palm a deception on the world and I advised the congregation to be aware of such deception and abominable priestcrafts, for it is the craftiest of all crafts.

[page 26] And the people began to be uneasy and the chairmen said they would not act any longer and the chips began to come briskly over to where I stood, the door being taken off the hinges, and the stove pipe fell and quite a quarrel ensued. But I think I had the majority in my favor, but while they were quarreling, we came out, unperceived by the mob that had gathered to drive the Mormons, the head of which was a commissioner by the name of Jack Empy. Thus the devil rages and the bands begin to draw tight around the times and they begin to squirm. Thus, according to my request, in a measure the evil spirits were bound so that we came off safe and traveled five miles in a sleigh with the brethren to Brother Empey's.

22 [January, 1840]. Traveled one mile, preached at Mr. Amon's on signs and miracles. Stayed all night. They are believing, but appear to be afraid of the cold water or something else.

23 [January, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Cassleman's [Casselman] and Brother Merckly [Merkley] baptized Mary Ann Empey and Almyra Cassleman [Casselman] and in the evening confirmed them. Had a good time.

24 [January, 1840]. In the evening Mr. Ralf, a priest of Luther preached against [page 27] me, after which I gave out an appointment for Sunday, the 26th. After which I told them I would show that he was one of the harlots and that he had no authority to preach. He behaved almost like anything else but a gentleman and as soon as I commenced talking, he would talk to prevent me from saying anything. I then told him that the work we are at in gathering Israel is the deliverance out of Zion and I told him to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins and he should receive the Holy Ghost.

Rested 25th [January, 1840]. On 26th preached at 2 o'clock p.m. on false teachers and in the evening Brother Merckly [Merkley] baptized Margaret Morrison, after which she was very happy. Confirmed her in the evening and many stayed through the whole and many are believing and now I wait to meet Luther's priest again on Wednesday next.

28 [January, 1840]. Traveled three miles. Went to hear West... priest Episcopal and I understood that Phillip Empy, in whose house the meeting was, had said that if the Mormons put their feet into his house he would ... not put a ball through their heart. [page 28] However, he looked very cross and they had a great pow-wow, some screaming and screeching, some howling and yelling as though the spirit hurt them very much and smote their fists and stamped their feet and some pounded the benches with their fists. The preacher's name is West and they threw out many slurs but no proof.

29th [January, 1840]. Traveled three miles and Luther's priest did not meet me for he had been there and told Brother Cassleman [Casselman] that he wanted to withdraw the appointment. So I preached on the 60th chapter [of] Isaiah.

30th [January, 1840]. Traveled three miles to Brother William Empey's. Preached in the evening on Revelation 22:14. Had a very good time and many believing. Traveled in all up to the 30th January, 1840, 2,593 miles.

31st [January, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Mr. John Hickey's where I met Mr. Nankerville, a Methodist preacher, to hold a debate and almost the whole county gathered to hear, for he had agreed to prove the Book of Covenants false. We had regular order, only the chairman, a Mr. Michael Empy, cheated me out of some considerable time. But our debate lasted about six hours in a very [page 29] good humor, only he made use of foul expressions without proof, such as it is from beneath and imposture. But he referred to from 25 to 30 pages of the Covenants, yet strange to say not one passage of scripture to the point brought forward to prove the book false or any part of it, and finally it was a jumbled up mess and all he advanced was darkness. And while I brought forward the Methodist's discipline on several points of it, the groans, the ..., the cries from the Methodists were beyond description and the spirit by which they were activated is only known by the power of light and I find it is hard for any of the paid priests to stand against the truth of God. But in their ... they try to uphold their craft, for by it they get their gain. And before I left them, I told them that the hour of God's judgments had come and I ... them to repent, both priest and people, for the day was nigh when their young men should be slain [page 30] in battle and their old men be driven from house to house and fall to rise no more, and their young women be led into captivity and many such desolations are coming on the Gentiles. And so we closed our debate and went to Brother Cassleman's [Casselman].

Visited on Saturday, the 1st February, [1840].

2nd [February, 1840]. Preached at 11 o'clock from Revelation 6:1, after which four arose and said they would be baptized. Adjourned until evening and a large number gathered and I felt like preach[ing], although no appointment had been given out, but came to see them baptized. I preached about two hours from Genesis 6:16-19, after which I baptized David and Catherine Wood and Benjamin Wood and David Levi Empy [Empey] and his wife, Margaret Polly Empy. And we gathered again in the house and confirmed them by the laying on of hands, after which I nominated a clerk, Brother John Morris, and the members sanctioned it. I then gave them some considerable instruction [page 31] relative to their meetings, which was agreed on two times a week and through the whole, we had much of the spirit and a fine time. And they now number fourteen and I took my leave of them recommending them to the grace of God.

3rd [February, 1840]. Started to Father's about 88 miles and Brother John Morison brought me about 20 miles in a sleigh and left Brother Mercley [Merkley] at his father's. I stayed at Prescott [Ontario, Canada] all night.

4th [February, 1840]. Traveled to the Widow Mott's. She is a believing. I also called at Brockville [Ontario, Canada] and got a part of the hymnbooks that I had agreed with Mr. Buell, for he printed 500 for $20 and 20 hymns each. I was led to this because I had not hymnbooks of our own. And many were poor and could not well afford to purchase a large one, and I thought the poor had as good a right to sing as the rich.

5th [February, 1840]. Traveled to Brother Hiram Mott's, and here I understand some that believed and had they done their duty [page 32] would have been baptized have since been very sorry that they had not complied.

6th [February, 1840]. Traveled to Father's, 3 1/2 miles above Perth [Ontario, Canada]. Found all well.

7th [February, 1840]. Traveled two miles to Brother Mott's, found them well and had a good visit.

8th [February, 1840]. Traveled two miles to Father's and I am now waiting for a letter from my wife that has been sent to Kempville [Kemptville, Ontario, Canada]; and also resting for a few days, for I have tired myself almost out preaching and traveling.

Sunday, 9th [February, 1840]. Begin to feel rested some, and want to know what my best course is to do the most good and help roll forth the kingdom.

10th [February, 1840]. Visited.

11th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles and still visiting and waiting.

12th [February, 1840]. Traveled sixteen miles to Brother Nichols.

13th [February, 1840]. Traveled fourteen miles to Canthon Place [Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada], feeling impressed to try to find a place to preach. And this is the second time that I have tried to preach here, but all in vain. Stayed all night at Mr. Hugh Bolton's. His wife and wife's daughter are very kind, and if they had a place large enough I could have it. But meetinghouses, schoolhouses and all [page 33] closed up, and after conversing with some of them on the 14th [February, 1840], took my leave of them, believing their prejudice so great that I cannot get a hearing and traveled thirteen miles to Brother Nichols.

15th [February, 1840]. Traveled fifteen miles to Perth [Ontario, Canada]. Find no letter and from there to Father's. Stayed all night.

Sunday, 16th [February, 1840]. Met the little branch. Brother Bottone Brough was there. We had a good time. Traveled five miles.

17th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Perth [Ontario, Canada], received a letter from my wife. All well.

18th [February, 1840]. Traveled fifteen miles to Brother H. [Hiram] Mott's and my wife wishes me to come home as soon as navigation opens and I ... to comply.

19th [February, 1840]. Traveled 27 miles through Brockville [Ontario, Canada]. Stayed at John McEathron's [McEathanon].

20th [February, 1840]. Traveled twelve miles to Prescott [Ontario, Canada] and there I find Brother Hiram Mott and I preached there in the evening in a small place. The meetinghouse is closed against me as I understood.

21st [February, 1840]. Traveled about eight miles to Ogdensburg [Lawrence, New York] and back to Prescott [Ontario, Canada]. Sent a letter to my wife while in Ogdensburg. Preached in Prescott in the evening on the first principles at William Bancraft's, but many of them acted as if the withs begin to ... [page 34], for they talked and swore and left the room and some of them stole the key out of the door and my ... broke the ... which rolled ... against the door and locked the door and there was no order. I concluded that if they would not keep order they should do their own preaching and I left them.

Traveled nine miles on the 22nd [February, 1840] to the S. White's and on my way, visited a Mr. Rude, and I found wife to know much about the Old Testament and she believed the doctrine of Christ on as much as I told her and they wished me to preach there.

23rd [February, 1840], Sunday. Stayed all day at Mr. White's. They are very kind and partly believing. It is a hard time, for it rains ... and it is very muddy and my boots leak and my mind is uneasy about my family and it a hard case, but I must finish my mission.

24th [February, 1840]. Traveled eighteen miles to friend Halley's. Found two the sisters, Halleys, well and in faith and others believing.

[page 35] 25th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Wilcox's and Smith's. All well. Gave out an appointment and preached in the evening to the Church and a few others on the gathering. They appear to be doing well and trying as well.

26th [February, 1840]. Traveled 26 miles out to the river and down to Brother Casselman's [Cassleman]. This is where I had baptized eleven before and found they were to have a meeting at Brother William Empey's that evening and traveled four miles to it and preached to them, and many others came to hear preaching on gathering.

27th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Casselman's [Cassleman]. Preached on the Book of Mormon in the evening to a large assembly, after which I baptized Brother Thomas Lang and his wife, Mary Lang, and his daughter, Nancy Lang, and Brother Kinsey and his wife, Margaret Morgan, after which I confirmed them and we had a very good time and gave out a meeting for two weeks for a conference at Brother Casselman's.

28th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles. Preached in the evening at Brother Woods' on Revelation 22:15 to a large congregation.

29th [February, 1840]. Traveled four miles and preached at a Mr. Hoophole's schoolhouse at the place where I had the [page 36] debate with Mr. Lile. They gave good attention and I think good will be done here. Traveled four miles back to Brother Lang's, stayed all night. Him and his family are very kind and intelligent and the spirit appears to intimate that Brother Lang must come to the priesthood and will be good in council and a useful man.

Sunday, 1st March [1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Casselman's [Cassleman]. Preached at 2 o'clock to a large assembly and many convinced and the work rolling on, thanks be to the Lord. Traveled in all up to this date, since I left Quincy on my mission, 2,902 miles.

2nd [March, 1840]. Traveled one mile, stayed at Michael Hickey's. They are partly believing.

3rd [March, 1840]. Traveled one mile. Arrived Brother Kinsey's, Morgan's, and Mr. White's, and on the 4th [March, 1840], traveled one mile to Jacob Camons. I find that many mobs are threatening in this region and the newspapers team with falsehood and abuse against the work of God. Stayed all night at Brother William Empey's.

5th [March, 1840]. Traveled three miles. Visited Thomas Amon's, found them [page 37] believing and said she would be baptized but waiting for her husband. Traveled to Brother D. [David] Woods', preached on Isaiah 41:15.

6th [March, 1840]. Traveled to Brother William Empey's and baptized William Thomas Lang, a son of Brother Lang baptized before. Traveled in all five miles, stayed all night at Brother Levy Empey's [Levi Empy]. Several came in. We had an interesting time.

7th [March, 1840]. Traveled five miles, preached in the schoolhouse where Mr. Lile met me. A peaceable congregation, preached on the coming of Christ. Here it was said Mr. Lile would meet me again and I said let him come if he pleases and it is said that he boasted that he would meet me at every place where I would preach. But he has failed several times. And the neighbors here say that I am the slickest blagguard [braggart] in this part and I suppose Mr. Lile fears that his doctrine and his drunkenness will be exposed, for his system is a system of idolatry.

[page 38] Sunday, the 8th [March, 1840]. Traveled five miles to Brother Cassleman's [Casselman]. Preached on Mt. Zion and Brother Merkley preached at Brother William Empey's and baptized Richard Alt and his wife, Margaret Alt, and Mr. William Alt. Visited.

10th [March, 1840]. Traveled eleven miles to Brother Lang's.

12th [March, 1840] Traveled two miles to Brother William Empey's. Preached in the evening to a large congregation on Ephesians 5:8.

13th [March, 1840]. Traveled three miles to Brother Casselman's [Cassleman] to an appointment and baptized John Amone and his wife, Jennet Amone, and Nancy Loux. Had a fine time.

14th [March, 1840]. Traveled four miles to Brother Lang's. Found two wanted to be baptized. Traveled two miles to Brother Empey's, baptized William Robertson and James Lang, a son of Doctor Lang. Traveled two miles to D. Lang's. Baptized Brother G. Mercley [Merkley], Eliza Deuill.

Sunday, 15th [March, 1840]. Held a conference at Brother David Woods' at 11 o'clock a.m. Preached on the priesthood from 2nd Corinthians 5:20, after which it was moved by Chr. Merkley and seconded by David Woods that A. A. [Arza Adams] be appointed president of this conference. [page 39] Carried unanimously; John Morrison, clerk, after which Thomas Lang and John Morrison appointed and ordained elders and William Empey ordained teacher and David Woods ordained deacon, after which the sacrament was administered and 14 children brought forward and blessed. And then Elder Lang appointed president of the branch and Elder John Morrison appointed vice president and clerk. Closed and in all had a good time for the power of the most high was with us and many tears shed on the occasion and many hearts broken down.

16th [March, 1840]. Brother Merkley baptized James Whittom at William Empey's. Traveled to Brother Casselman's [Cassleman] about five miles. Many followed us for their hearts asked to not part with us and we came to order and held a small meeting and three came forward and I baptized them, viz., John Cramon, Jacob Cramon and Mariah Cramon. Confirmed them by the water after which five children were [page 40] blessed in the name of the Lord, and three at other times and 14 at conference, in all 22 blessed in this place and 34 baptized, 25 of them baptized by me. After which we bid them farewell, but the tears flowed from several eyes and they insisted hard on me coming back again, for I told them I must go home. Traveled six miles with Brother Casselman [Cassleman] in his wagon, then about two [miles] on foot, eight in all to Brother Merkley's father.

17th [March, 1840]. Traveled 20 miles to friend Smith's in mountain through rain and snow.

18th [March, 1840]. Preached at Smith's on the coming of Christ from Matthew 24:44. Had a great time. Traveled to Brother Wilcox's two miles, had prayer meeting in the evening.

19th [March, 1840]. Traveled three miles to Mr. Halley's. Preached from Micah 22:14, stayed all night.

20th [March, 1840]. Traveled five miles to Brother Grandey's where I expected to preach, but the appointment had not been given out and I now feel at liberty to make the rest of my way to Perth [Ontario, Canada] to get ready to go home.

21st [March, 1840]. Here I parted with Brother Merkley and traveled 17 miles to Mrs. White's. [page 41] Stayed all night.

Sunday, 22nd [March, 1840]. Traveled 17 miles to Father Bantise.

23rd [March, 1840]. Traveled 25 miles to Brother H. [Hiram] Mott's. Here I held a small meeting. Baptized Mr. Joseph Coad, James Dack and Robert Plunket and confirmed them members in the Church by the laying on of hands.

24th [March, 1840]. Traveled 18 miles to Father Adam's and received a letter in Perth [Ontario, Canada] from Barnabas and also one from Orpha Clark. They inform me of the welfare of my family and I conclude to preach some more in Canada before I go home.

25th [March, 1840]. Visited the brethren.

26th [March, 1840]. Writing home.

27th [March, 1840]. Traveled three miles to Perth [Ontario, Canada]. Stayed at McEathron's.

28th [March, 1840]. Traveled 15 miles to Brother Hiram Mott's.

Sunday, 29th [March, 1840]. Traveled six miles, visited the brethren and find them doing well and others believing.

30th [March, 1840]. Traveled ten miles to Widow Mott's; heavy rain. She is believing yet and preparing for the West.

31st [March, 1840]. Traveled 15 miles to Mr. Daniel Shipman's. All well.

April lst, [1840]. Traveled 12 miles to Mr. James Fells, a Methodist G. leader, three miles back of Prescott. Found him very friendly. Also gave out an appointment for me at the schoolhouse to preach in. This is great Methodist country.

[page 42] April 2nd, [1840]. Preached in the evening to a large congregation, very still, on the first principles and many believing it and wished to hear me more.

3rd [April, 1840]. Sick. However, got the strength to go to the schoolhouse, thinking to make an excuse being sick and give out an appointment for Sunday, but I found Mr. Pike, a Methodist preacher, had come to oppose me. I then got hold of what strength I could from the Lord and spoke awhile on the literal fulfillment of the prophecy, after which Mr. Pike arose and addressed the congregation and told some falsehoods and many misrepresentations and among the rest, the Spaulding story. And while I replied to him, he and some others, if not priests, wishes to be I should think, made a disturbance and the evil spirit in them showed itself for it was not a drunk spirit. We continued until near 12 [o'clock], it being in the evening. However, it drew the necessary division and many wished to hear me through. Went home with James Felt, the Episcopal leader.


[This journal is a small hand-sewn book with no cover. The material covers time from April, 1840, to summer of 1842 and is a continuation of Journal #2.

Tells of completion of second Canadian Mission, the return to Quincy, and move to Nauvoo.

Effie W. Adams
August, 1979]

[page 1] The class leader and his wife are very friendly and it appears like a home to me. And a Doctor Candell that came from Prescott to hear me and is believing stayed with me all night and advised me to take an emetic in the morning. The 4th of April, [1840], he gave me one and I feel better, although I am still weak.

5th [April, 1840], Sunday. Preached at 4 o'clock p.m. on the priesthood to a large congregation and many appear to believe. But the Methodists have the schoolhouse and they are afraid that their craft is in danger and think it best to nip it in the bud and just not give me the house to preach in again. And their class leader, Mr. Felt, and his wife are still friendly but seek action [page 2] against me. And I leave and now feel that their love of the world will prevent them from embracing the truth. And I think that many are believing in this place, but most of them have their affections placed on the world and their minds are darkened by the deceitfulness of this world and seem to act as if this world is their God. Thus it appears that they fear the Lord by the precepts of men and their graven images and some of them bow before the Lord and I think receive some of His spirit. But the spirit of the world is upon them, I think at least ten times where the Spirit of the Lord is once. Thus they are dark and alas for them, for their destruction is nigh at hand and their overthrow is sure. Thus I leave them.

6th [April, 1840]. Traveled three miles and visited many and told them to prepare for the coming of the Son of God.

7th [April, 1840]. Sent a letter home and one to the Osnabrood Branch and traveled 12 miles to John McEathron's.

8th [April, 1840]. Traveled 15 miles to the Widow Mott's and while in this section, I heard much talk of war and it is expected that Great Britain and China are hard at it and that the Russians will help China and the States and England will soon be at war and so the world is in commotion and Great Babylon will soon come into remembrance before the Lord to reward her for all her abominations and fornications. [page 3] Roll on thy purposes, O Lord, and let thy saints be glad and shout for joy and give them grace for all the tribulations through which the saints have to pass and give judgment unto the saints and restore the kingdom to its real, O Lord.

9th [April, 1840]. Traveled 12 miles to Hiram Mott's and on my way visited Brother [Joseph] Coad and gave out an appointment for the 10th. Traveled three miles, preached on the priesthood to a few. Stayed overnight at Brother Plunket's.

11th [April, 1840]. And baptized Mary Coad, wife of J. C. [Joseph Coad], and Joseph Coad, his son. And Jane Duck, the convert of J. D. and Laneih Plunkett, the wife of R. P. [Plunkett], after which we returned to the house of Brother Coad and I confirmed them members in the Church of Christ.

We had a fire in the woods by the side of the creek where we baptized and were very comfortable and secluded from the world. Sister Duck was confined to her bed with a fine daughter about 15 hours after she was baptized and she thinks she received no injury and is doing well and the child, and her faith is strong and is well pleased that she was baptized.

Sunday, 12th [April, 1840]. Preached at Dock's at 11 o'clock on the gathering, after which bid them farewell and traveled three miles to Brother Mott's.

13th [April, 1840]. Traveled to Perth [Ontario, Canada], 15 miles there. I feel that I have filled my mission nearly at this time and I have baptized 33 in this section and witnessed the baptism of many more and have traveled in all since 12th of July, last, about [page 4] 3,000 miles and now begin to make ready to return home to my family, and continued to make ready until the 6th May, [1840], and then bid my father's household farewell and started home. Traveled 17 miles to Brother Hiram Mott's, Brother John Nichol with me.

7th [May, 1840]. Visited some of the brethren in Kitty and traveled 30 miles to J. McEathron's.

8th [May, 1840]. Came to Brockville [Ontario, Canada]. Saw Carroll and Bulah and traveled 25 miles, the road bad but my team fresh.

9th [May, 1840]. Traveled to Kingston [Ontario, Canada] 33 miles. Came back to Mr. Moyers to rest on Sunday.

10th [May, 1840], Sunday. Went to hear a Mr. Burwell and Evningite preach and one of the elders arose and spoke a few minutes, during which he said that the forerunner of Christ, which was John, was to prepare the way for Christ and that ministry was Elias and that Elijah must come again to prepare the way for the second coming. And Mr. Burwell cried out with a remarkable strange and loud voice; said he had come and it appeared to me that the house was filled with evil spirits and [page 5] although Elijah has come, yet I think that the spirit by which he spoke was an evil one for it brought darkness and fear instead of light and love on the glory of the Only Begotten. And during the time Mr. B. [Burwell] was preaching, many strong, invective ... thrown upon them that came into this country, Canada, a land of royalty, and stole away the people and took them into a land of lawlessness and led them into the wilderness to give all their prophets to their idol. They had let up and argued strangely that if we should give away all at once, if the Lord should call for a tithe on a sacrifice, we would have nothing to give. I think strange logic and stated that it was the devil speaking through them and the Lord would blast it and it would come to naught, for it was the work of the devil. He said their main child is Christ and the church.

11 [May, 1840]. Went on board "Commodore Berry" steamer at 9 o'clock in the evening. We started for Toronto, $4 for each horse, $2 for wagon, and $2 [page 6] for myself. Landed in Toronto on the 12th at 8 o'clock in the evening and traveled eight miles to the Hunter.

13th [May, 1840]. Traveled 44 miles to Ancaster [Ontario, Canada], 7 miles from Hamilton toward London.

14 [May, 1840]. Traveled 38 miles, went through Brantford [Ontario, Canada] and took the Bunford [Burford] Road.

15th [May, 1840]. Traveled 40 miles to near London on the Radcliff Road.

16th [May, 1840]. Traveled four miles to North Street, then south on the street, seven miles to the five stakes, then west on Beek Street, and in all traveled 44 miles.

Sunday, 17th [May, 1840]. Visited at Mr. Gillmore's.

18th [May, 1840]. Traveled 35 miles to Mr. McCraries.

19th [May, 1840]. Traveled 33 miles to Br. Brown's and they requested me to preach and a large congregation for that place came and I preached on the gathering, and some was convinced and wanted to be baptized, but no water nigh.

20th [May, 1840]. Traveled 20 miles to D... and paid duties on wagon and harness, 1-16-3 [#4-16-3] and traveled three miles further. Traveled about 38 miles, passed through Ypsilanti [Washtenaw County, Michigan], 30 miles from Detroit and Dearborn [Wayne County, Michigan] is 12 miles from Detroit.

22 [May, 1840]. Traveled 42 miles, passed through Saline [Washtenaw County, Michigan], Clinton [Lenawee County, Michigan].

23rd [May, 1840]. Traveled 35 miles, passed through Jonesville [Hillsdale County, Michigan] and Coldwater [Branch County, Michigan].

25th [May, 1840]. Traveled 34 miles, passed through Bronson [Branch County, Michigan] Sturgis [St. Joseph County, Michigan].

26th [May, 1840]. Traveled 37 miles, passed through Mottville, Adamville, Edmundsburgh [Edwardsburg, Cass County, Michigan] on No. River and Mottville is on the east bank of the St. Joseph River about 150 miles from Detroit [page 7] and it is a large and beautiful river.

27th [May, 1840]. Traveled 3l miles through Leport [La Porte, La Porte County, Indiana].

28th [May, 1840]. Traveled 34 miles through Rathanaso [Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana].

29th [May, 1840]. Traveled 36 miles through Juliet [Joliet, Will County, Illinois]. It is on the ...

30th [May, 1840]. Traveled 36 miles down the Illinois River, the head, and it is made by several small streams called by other names until the junction at ...

31st [May, 1840], Sunday. Rested about six miles east of Otumay [Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois].

1st [June, 1840]. Traveled 36 miles, crossed the Illinois River at Otumay [Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois]. Here the Fox River enters into the Illinois.

2nd [June, 1840]. Traveled 39 miles, three miles west of Peora [Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois].

3rd [June, 1840]. Traveled 36 miles, one mile west of Elisville.

4th [June, 1840]. Traveled 34 miles, three miles west of Middleton [Littleton, Schuyler County, Illinois].

5th [June, 1840]. Traveled 40 miles, traveling four miles east of Quincy.

Found my family well and doing as well as I could expect, being absent from them near eleven months. And I now commence farming and attending to my business at home. Nothing of note happened for some time, although I found on my arrival that several of the Twelve had gone to England and doing well, and Elders Hyde and Page had gone to Jerusalem. After being at home some time and hearing several debates with the great Dr. Nelson and visiting the brethren at Commerce and preached once in Quincy [page 8] on the priesthood.

My family was taken sick and Sidney Moses, the babe, and George, after a severe dysentery of the worst kind, they both fell asleep, the first on Friday, the 7th of August, [1840], and the latter on Sunday, the 9th of August, 1840. Thus two of my sons are gone and it appears strange, but they have gone from the tribulations of the last days and the rest are not in good health. Thus, my family is reduced to five in all, two sons and one girl. Wife and self and many of the brethren are sick and some have died lately, and how great our tribulations will be, I know not, but the Lord's will be done.

About this time, the baptism ... this is about four miles from Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, and here I continued about the 27th of March and my lease is near out, and a Mr. John Powel, from whom I had the lease, became my enemy and prosecuted me for cutting firewood on the land I had leased, and he expected to obtain one hundred dollars from me and the prejudice was high against me, but I pled my case. And between him and the lawyer up high and caused a great [page 9] court and eight hits on me and I paid it.

And I now start for Nauvoo and arrived there about the 1st of March, 1841. Here I began to build a house, and about the 5th of August, moved into it, and on the 6th [August, 1841], visited a conference where we had much teaching and all in order.

I immediately purchased a piece of land over the river in the Iowa and fenced it and I also purchased three lots in the city from William Hiliam and I commenced work for the Law and Fosters Stone.

Worked in the winter and then built a cabin on Madison Island and moved onto it for the winter. Hunted out a larger lot of timber and moved back to the city about the 1st of April, 1842, and commenced building a house for myself on one of my lots. Moved into it sometime in the summer.

During the summer a ... persecution from Missouri troubled us very much and about this time I sold my place over the river to Hiram Mott, and thus my time was taken up in labor buying and selling. And about this time, I joined the Freemasons. [End of book #3.]

[page 10] [Evidently a resume of mileage traveled from mission field to home.] From Perth to Brockville 40 miles, to Kingston 56 miles. Toronto, 180 miles to Hamilton, 45 miles to Detroit. 200 miles to Dearborn, 12 miles to Ypsilanti, 18 miles to Saline, 10 miles to Clinton, 2 to Jonesville, 40 miles to Coldwater, 18 miles to Bronson, 12 miles to Sturgis, ... 12 miles to White Pigeon ... 12 to Mottville, 6 miles on the east bank of St. Joseph River about 150 miles from Detroit to Adamsville, 14 miles to Edwardsburg, 4 miles to Bantrand, 9 miles on St. Joseph River to Leport [La Porte, Indiana], 28 miles to Valparaiso, 24 miles to Woods [Homewood, Illinois], 9 miles to Juliet [Joliet, Illinois], 50 miles to Otumay [Ottawa, Illinois], Juliet [Joliet] is 40 miles from Chicago to [page 11] Ottaway [Ottawa, Illinois], 45 miles to ... 66 miles to Farmington, 24 miles to Ellisville, 18 miles to McComb [Macomb, Illinois], 25 miles on to Commerce, 56 miles to Midleton, 9 miles to Plymouth, 9 miles to Quincy. In all, 1,055 to Commerce 1,020. This distance traveled by me in one month in 1840, with a wagon and two horses.


England 13..897.185
Ireland 7..767..401
Scotland 2..365..175

[page 12; page unreadable]

JOURNAL #4 (1843 - 1856)

[This journal is a small coverless book about 4 by 6 1/2 inches. Some of the pages are loose. The writing is quite clear but some of the words are smudged. It covers period 1843 to 1856.

Leaves Nauvoo for mission to upper Canada, January 25, 1843. Daily account of mission given.
Returns to Nauvoo, June 27, 1843.
Goes to Saint Louis on raft with Brother Barnabas.
Ague sets in. Suffers for two years. Cured by working on temple.
Policeman in Nauvoo.
Prophet Joseph Smith and Hyrum killed. Arza takes letter from Carthage to Nauvoo with news.
One of seven presidents of newly-organized Quorum of Seventy.
Appointed captain of 50. Heads wagon shop, preparing for trip west.
Goes to Iowa, 1846. Works for government (Fort Childs and Fort Leavenworth) to get means to get to Utah. Leaves Winter Quarters, June 7, 1849, arrives Salt Lake City, September 25, 1849.
Gives names and important dates of family members.
Settles in American Fork.
Given grant of land.
Has trouble with other settlers over land rights.
Effie W. Adams
October, 1979]

[page 1] Mr. Grant on ... sought to keep me at first but complied and they are tolerable friendly, but set in their way. Traveled to Juliet [Joliet, Illinois] to Sister Daney. Her husband is not in the Church. Here I tarried two days, it stormed so hard. All friendship here.

7th [February, 1843]. Traveled 25 miles to Mr. Smith's. Here he agreed to keep me for some books.

8th [February, 1843]. Traveled 26 miles to Mr. Woods Mills. Here I asked for my lodging and paid for it and my supper [with] some books.

9th [February, 1843]. Traveled 38 miles to Lapont [La Porte, La Porte County, Indiana] and stayed at Brother Parker's. Here I stayed one day. It rained very hard and on the 11th, traveled 38 miles to an inn called for my ... and it appears that they charged me entry because I was a Mormon.

Sunday, 12 [February, 1843]. Traveled 17 miles to Brother Thompson's. Here, very friendly and they washed for me and I preached to them and tarried one day. Met with Brother Chihsten and wrote to Mrs. Adams.

14 [February, 1843]. Traveled [page 2] 12 miles to Brother ... tarried all night, friendly.

15 [February, 1843]. Traveled 25 miles to Mr. ... Friendly, still very cold and deep snow.

16th [February, 1843]. Traveled 25 miles to Brother Franklin's. Very friendly, but all does not appear right.

17 [February, 1843]. Traveled 26 miles to an inn, paid.

Sunday, 18th [February, 1843]. Traveled 16 miles to Brother Bagly's, all well.

20th [February, 1843]. Traveled 15 miles to Brother Dunnings, all well.

21st [February, 1843]. Traveled 24 miles to Brother Hoagland. Here I tarried one day and they washed for me and I visited my cousin, Ervin Adams, whom I had not seen for many years and he is not hard, but friendly.

23rd [February, 1843]. Traveled 25 miles to Mr. Kinipich's. Here I made them a present of a book.

24 [February, 1843]. Traveled to River St. Clair, and when I came in sight of the river, the Spirit of the Lord was upon me, but I was tired and soon very much cast down and almost tempted to run away from the Lord. However, I went across the river on the ice and visited Mrs. Scott, and on the [page 3] 25th [February, 1843], traveled 17 miles down the river to Louise Judson's and rested until Monday and found them very friendly and I found myself in possession of myself and started for Panmen, the county site [seat] of St. Clair, [Michigan].

Traveled 12 miles, arrived about 3 o'clock. Gave out an appointment and preached in the courthouse from 2nd Peter 1:20. All quiet after meeting. Invited to preach at the Caswell's Inn until I could preach [page 4] out my doctrine and on the 28th [February, 1843], traveled 12 miles to Port Huron. Gave out an appointment, preached in the evening to many from 2nd Peter 1:20. Meeting on Wednesday evening again the ... to many and some opposition by a lawyer, Mr. Mason, making many false statements about Joseph [Smith]. Preached on Galatians 1:8.

2nd [March, 1843]. Traveled to Panmen, preached on Galatians 1:8.

3rd [March, 1843]. Traveled 12 miles, preached to a few on ... and they were very grateful that the Lord had sent the gospel to them.

4th [March, 1843]. Traveled 12 miles to Palmer. Preached near there to a few on Sunday, the 5th, at 11 o'clock from Galatians 1:8. All quiet. Invited to dine with Mr. Canton and preached in Hamen in the evening from Hebrews 5:4.

6th [March, 1843]. Traveled 12 miles to Huron [Port Huron, Michigan]. Preached in the evening to many on the priesthood and some ... hard it made the priests fume, but all was made quiet soon and dismissed.

7th [March, 1843]. Preached to many on [page 5] the gathering, all well, from Genesis 31:10. On the 8th, traveled 12 miles to Panmen and preached to a few in the evening but they are very careless in this place.

9th [March, 1843]. Traveled eight miles to Newport. Preached in the evening to many on 2nd Peter 11:20 and they appear to be very well pleased. Tarried all night at Mrs. Rust's, an inn, and they are willing to receive instruction.

10th [March, 1843]. Visited, by request, Captain Ward and Captain Even. Ward conversed much on the things of the kingdom and dined with them, and traveled three miles over the marsh and preached in the Campbell settlement on the priesthood and there are many believing in this place.

11 [March, 1843]. Traveled eight miles to Bell River Mills and preached at Mrs. Linsey's on Acts 16:30.

Sunday, 12th [March, 1843]. Traveled five miles to Palmer and preached at 2 o'clock to a few on the Book of Mormon.

13th [March, 1843]. Traveled 12 miles to Huron and preached on the Book of Mormon to a large company and all quiet.

[page 6] 14th [March, 1843]. Preached in the evening to a crowded house on the coming of Christ and there are many believing in this place, but many are proud and lifted up. But I think the Lord has some here.

15th [March, 1843]. Traveled to Ogden's Mills 10 miles and found that the appointment had not been given out for they had so much misinering [ministering] by a Mr. Gilbert that they could not attend to the word of truth. I prayed that they might be brought. Traveled six miles to Penmen, tarried with Mr. Leach.

16 [March, 1843]. Traveled eight miles to Newport and preached to a large concourse, for the Methodists appear to gather all their strength to crush me. But their shame was manifest to all but bigots and their preachers, Mr. Nobles and Russell and Dones. Their preachers disputed with me and raised their opposition to the word of God to uphold their craft. Thus, the Lord judge between me and them. But I said that I would make them a hiss and a byword in this place, the Lord being my helper. And I found by visiting some, that I had many friends in this place, and I walked to Captain Ward's and tarried all night with him.

[page 7] 17th [March, 1843]. Traveled three miles over the marsh and preached to many on the gathering and found that many believed. But a Mr. Nathan Smith of Alyanack opposed me and said that Elijah was Elias, and Joel's prophecies were fulfilled on the day of Pentecost and I replied and all well.

18th [March, 1843]. Traveled seven miles to William Linsday's and preached on the priesthood from 2nd Corithians 5:18-20 to many and they are well pleased with all but Joseph Smith.

20th [March, 1843], Sunday. Preached again on the gathering [to] only a few. Traveled to Pan (but dined with a Mr. Williams near the mills) and stayed all night with my old friend, Mr. Caswell. Here they have treated me well and may the Lor

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