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Master Index of Books at the Mormon Trail Center
at Historic Winter Quarters Pioneer Research Library:
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The following books are found in the index:
111 Days to Zion by Hal Knight and Dr. Stanley B. Kimball, MT GEN 1
A Mormon Chronicle Vol.1 The Diaries of  John D. Lee, 1848-1876 Edited by Robert Glass Cleland and Juanita Brooks, LDS PH 33
A Mormon Chronicle Vol.II The Diaries of  John D. Lee, 1848-1876 Edited by Robert Glass Cleland and Juanita Brooks, LDS PH 33
A Sculptor's Testimony in Bronze & Stone By Eugene F. Fairbanks, LDS PH 6 and 7
A Womans View Helen Mar Whitney's Reminiscences Of Early Church History- Edited By Jenny Broberg Holzapphel&Richard Neitzel Holzaphel, PW 8
An Intimate Chronicle Edited By George D. Smith, MT GEN 22
Bishop Jonathan H. Hale of Nauvoo History Life & Ministry by Heber Q. Hale, LDS PH 14
Brigham Young, His Wives and Family, LDS PH 35
C.C.A. Christensen By Richard L. Jensen and Richard G. Oman, LDS PH 25
Charlotte Elizabeth By JoAnn Mellor Felix, PW 6
Chronicles of Faith by David T. Kenison, MT GEN 14
Compilation of Pioneer Histories A.-G., LDS PH 26
Compilation of Pioneer Histories H-Z, LDS PH 27
Cultural Conflict: Mormons and Indians in Nebraska By Lawrence G. Coates, MT GEN 27
Daniel Allen, Pioneer Tanner By Kenneth R. Allen, LDS PH 29
Day By Day with the Utah Pioneers 1847 By Andrew Jenson, MT GEN 31
Emigrating Journals of The Willie and Martin Handcart Companies and The Hunt and Hodgett Wagon Trains By Lynne Slater Turner, MT HCH 5
Finalizing Plans for the Trek West: Deliberations at Winter Quarters, 1846-1847 By Richard E. Bennett, MT GEN 27
Fort Bridger Island in the Wilderness by Gowans and Campbell, MT GEN 28
From The Green Hills Of England To The Red Hills Of Dixie By Reid L. Neilson, MT GEN 45
Great Basin Kingdom By Leonard J. Arrington, MT GEN 17
Guide to Mormon Diaries & Autobiographies by Davis Bitton, LDS PH 36
Handcarts To Zion--By LeRoy R. Hafen and Ann W.Hafen, MT HCH 6
Heroines Of The Restoration-- By Barbara B. Smith And Blythe Darlyn Thatcher, PW 14
Historic Sites and Markers Along The Mormon and Other Great Western Trails By Stanley B. Kimball, MT GEN 48
History of the Church, Volumes 1 -7,  by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, GCH 47 - 54 Includes Index
History of Utah Pioneers--By Daughters of Utah Pioneers, LDS PH 20
Homeward To Zion By William Mulder, MT Gen 44
How Large Was The Population of Nauvoo? By Susan Easton Black, MT Gen 21
In Their Own Words-Women and The Story of Nauvoo By Carol Cornwall Madsen, PW 10
John Spiers Life as a Mormon Pioneer By Duane E. Spiers, Ph. D., LDS PH 20
John Vance Journal 1846-1850 Forward by LaDell W. Vance, LDS PH 12
Joseph, Exploring the Life and Ministry of the Prophet edited by Susan Easton Black and Andrew Skinner, LDS REF 52
Journal of Jacob Miller by Joseph Royal Miller & Elna Miller, LDS PH 11
Journey to Zion By Carol Cornwall Madsen, PDS PH 9
Latter Day Voyages on the S.S. Wyoming 1871-1890, LDS ESH 1
Mary Fielding Smith by Don C. Corbett, PW 4
Mormon Midwife the 1846-1888 Diaries of Patty Bartlett Sessions Edited by Donna Toland Smart, PW 12
Mormon Redress Petitions By Clark V. Johnson, MT GEN 25
Mormon Trail Network In Nebraska, 1846-1868: A New Look By Stanley Kimball, MT GEN 27
Mormons at the Missouri, 1846-1852 By Richard E. Bennett, MT GEN 8
My Best For The Kingdom--History and Autobiography of John Lowe Butler--By William G. Hartley, LDS PH 34
Nauvoo the Beautiful By E. Cecil McGavin, Nauvoo HIST 3
Nauvoo, the City Of Joseph by David E. Miller & Della S. Miller, Nauvoo HIST 4
Officers and Arms: The 1843 General Return of the Nauvoo Legion’s Second Cohort By Richard L. Saunders, MT GEN 21
Old Mormon Nauvoo & Southeastern Iowa By Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and T. Jeffery Cottle, Nauvoo HIST 2
On This Day In The Church By Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Alexander L. Baugh, Robert C. Freeman, Andrew H. Hedges, MT GEN 35
Orpha Florialla Knight 1844-1847, LDS PH 2
Orson Hyde The Olive Branch Of Israel--By Myrtle Stevens Hyde, LDS PH 28
Our Pioneer Heritage By Kate B. Carter, MT GEN 33
Our Stoker Family Histories 1731-1881 Edited by Elayne Stoker, LDS PH 15
Parley P. Pratt In Winter Quarters And The Trail West by Stephen F. Pratt,  MT GEN 27
Patty Sessions Journal 1846-1866-1880 By Edyth J. Romney, PW 1
Pioneer Legacies By Doyle R. Anderson, EdD., LDS PH 30
Pioneer Pathways By the Utah Daughters of the Pioneers, Vols 1 -5, GCH 15 - 19
Quilts & Women of Mormon Migrations By Mary Bywater Cross, PW 2
Remembering Winter Quarters/Council Bluffs By Karen M & Paul D Larsen, LDS PH 31
Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Companies--By Rebecca Bartholomew and Leonard J. Arrington, MT HCH 2
Sacred Places-New York & Pennsylvania By LaMar C. Berrett, Gen. Editor, and Larry C. Porter, MT GEN 39
Sacred Places-Ohio & Illinois By LaMar C. Berrett, Gen. Editor, and Keith W. Perkins, Donald Q. Cannon, MT GEN 40
Sail and Rail Pioneers Before 1869 By Stanley B. Kimball, MT GEN 21
Saints Find The Place by David R. Crockett, MT GEN 6
Saints In Exile by David R. Crockett, MT 4
Saints in the Wilderness by David R. Crockett, MT GEN 5
Ships, Saints and Mariners--By Conway B. Sonne, LDS ESH 2
Sun-Bonnet Sisters By Leonard J. Arrington and Susan Arrington Madsen, PW 3
Taylor Family History By Donna H. & James C. Taylor, LDS PH 19
Taylor Family History-Families & Posterity of Saints who attended the Nauvoo Temple 1845-1846 by Donna H.Taylor & J. C. Taylor, LDS PH 18
Tell My Story, Too By Jolene S. Allphin - see Table of Contents, MT HCH 7
The Cluff Family Journal (Rearranged) 1995 By Viva Cluff Whetten, LDS PH 5
The Eastwood Family Record By Edith C. Smith, LDS PH 17
The Faith of Phebe--By Beverly Thompson, PW 15
The Gathering of Zion  The Story of the Morman Trail by Wallace Stegner, MT GEN 32
The Great Florence Fitout of 1861 By William G. Hartley, MT GEN 27
The Houtz Family Report and Eastwood Memories By Edna C. Smith, LDS PH 16
The Iowa Journal of Lorenzo Snow Edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, MT GEN 27
The Legacy of David Bancroft and His Family by Lois Fackrell Worlton and William Jack Worlton, LDS PH 14
The Iowa Mormon Trail by Susan Easton Black and William G. Hartley, MT GEN 16
The Latter Day Saints by William E. Berrett, MT GEN 51
The Latter-day Saints’ Emigrants’ Guide By W. Clayton, MT GEN 15
The Legacy of William Warner Player  1793-1993 by Madelyn Player, LDS PH 4
The Martyrdom Remembered by Davis Bitton, Nauvoo HIST 6
The Master Builders By E. Orlean Miller Koehle, LDS PH24
The Mormon Experience By Leonard J. Arrington and Davis Bitten, MT GEN 46
The Mormon Pioneers From A to Z Along the Mormon Trail By Bill Alexander, MT GEN 36
The Mormon Trail Yesterday and Today By William E. Hill, MT GEN 20
The Myers Family, LDS PH 32
The Pioneer Camp of the Saints Edited By Will Bagley, MT GEN 26
The Return of Oliver Cowdery By Scott H. Faulring, LDS PH 22
The Sonnarslov Family By Bengt Berglund & Sara Berglund, LDS PH 8
The Story Of The Latter-day Saints  By James B. Allen And Glen M. Leonard, MT GEN 12
The Year of Decision 1846 By Bernard DeVoto, MT GEN 10
Their Faces Toward Zion by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, MT GEN29
Thomas Bullock and Orson Pratt, LDS PH 23

Trail Of Hope by William Slaughter and Michael Landon, MT GEN 7
Trailing the Pioneers By Peter H. DeLafosse, MT GEN 19
Treasurers of Pioneer History by Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Vols 1 -6 GHC 10 -14
Two Mormon Pioneers History by Emma Nielsen Mortensen, LDS PH 10
We'll Find The Place By Richard E. Bennett, MT GEN 53
West From Fort Bridger Edited by Roderic Korns and Dale L. Morgan, MT GEN 49
William Clayton’s Journal By The Clayton Family Association, MT GEN 9
Winter Quarters The 1846-1848 Life Writings of Mary Haskins Parker Richards Edited by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, PW 13
Witness To The Martyrdom Edited By Mark H, Taylor, NAUVOO HIST 8
Women Of Covenant--By Jill Mulvay Derr, John Russell Cannon , Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, PW 5
Women Of Nauvoo--By Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Jeni Broberg Holzapfel, PW 9
Women's Diaries Of The Westward Journey--By Lillian Schlissel, PW 11
Women’s Voices An Untold History Of Latter Day Saints--By Kenneth W. Godfrey, Audrey M. Godfrey, Jill Mulvay Derr, PW 7
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